It’s time to disappear,

to wash my face away

and wipe its name from my lips

until all that remains of me

is a red smear on a cotton strip.

Let me be faceless,

let me be nameless,

and I promise I will wander until

my feet wear deep into the

nothingness of this earth

For I am ready to be nothing,

To fade away.

Some might call it a self

destruction–a violent end,

but I only wish to drift unnoticed

into the shadows of this world

and become lost among the silence.


Be still, be sure


I cherish the silence I feel in my heart
when I am surrounded by sureties
Every yes and no is carefully weighed
to the constants of definity
and grey is a color found only in sky
not a clever way of getting at maybe
for when hesitation takes its hold and
words cower in the shadow of obscurity
my head it screams, it screams, it screams
as the hands of chaos take hold of me.


Of fog and forgotten lands


These cloudy days call to me
as if the fog were spirits descending
–lifting the bridal veil of sky
to release those unseen vagabonds
into an earthly marital bed.
They call to me,
those sweet, misty friends
whose vows carry through the atmosphere
and meet me at an inverse summit.
They long to walk among the dirt, the dust.
They long to seek the ashes
that were once their flesh,
so into the lowest of the hanging clouds
I call back to them.
to welcome the aether
which shapes faces reminiscent of
a long forgotten life that I want to know.
I call to them and pluck
their faded breaths into my hands,
and I carry them back
into the land of the sun.

Together of All


In the
there was not
man then woman
but in fact
both were born
of Earth and Sky
as one
halves aligned
no more able
to separate
than stars
strung together
in an ever

In the
man and
or woman
and man,
together at the
hearth of the
Goddess of Reeds
create and expand
pulling scattered masses
from mountain and sea
Pieces divided
that mirror their
own Twos

Man gathers shadow
Woman, light
Pain, Pleasure
War and Peace
These will be
they say,
Who will bear
forth into the
Our tithe to the
and the
that make
it Heavenly




Narcissus stares at himself
in a pool of water
leans in for a kiss
and drowns
Do you wonder at
your own reflection,
the one that meets your
gaze when you are looking
but in a game of
chicken blinks only
after the guillotine has
severed the head
I am drowning
like Narcissus
in a never ending
sea of myself
but like him
I cannot



Do I need you now,
or ever again?

Perhaps this still pool
is a lie,

It is a glass
and we all know how
fragile that can be,

How Cinderella danced
all night without shattering
her sole against
a waltz
is a mystery I could not

In fact
if I were a stupid prince
I think I would not know
a size four
from a bloody toe

or a beautiful maiden
from a talking mouse

Or a pumpkin
from a Lamborghini

Perhaps I do
still need you
after all.



Light as a feather stiff as a board
I tread carefully
past the darkened spirits watching
for my feet to slip off the path
of the living
and into the depths of
something dark
and poetic



The All-Seeing Eye
is watching me
and does nothing
says nothing
gives nothing away
But I can feel it
oh yes, I can feel
it there
watching, watching
watching me
I feel it there
between every sin
and salvation
I listen for it in
the quiet
though it may
be silent
I feel it’s fullness
surrounding the emptiness
of my inactions
the futility of movement
Were I to try and hide
I would be hidden
in plain sight,
the only sight
of All




under the ripening harvest moon
as it blooms, i see you
i see you in furtive waves
until la mare steals you away
stolen far, i follow flight
into dark, then darker night
in darkest night where winds have died
i listen close for whispers nigh
whispers chanting low your name
who might tell me where you’ve away
to caverns deep in endless black
somewhere more distant even than that
a place where i cannot pursue
for fear of losing myself too
a fear which burns my fragile soul
though it would see that I should go
but go I can’t for reasons fair
the whispers silenced everywhere
and in that silence lies your name
the only part that now remains
that in my hands cannot reside
i cannot hold that which has died
so i’ll hang your death then o’er the moon
and perhaps again see it bloom



fortunate as i was to see

the lines that contain you
blended into the barren space
between us
i could see the colors
but forfeited the letter that defined them


can we love an outline?
an essence?
if i were to pick up
the book of your life
would i be brought to Rapture
at the conclusion of its table
of contents

would my intoxication
after one shot
ignite my blood in the same way
a second, third, or fourth glass of wine
would lead me patiently
towards Bliss

my love
are out of focus
and, you, my love
are all i see



Lessons learned through tea leaves
and chances never taken, I am
in love with a specter who cannot
look me in the eye least it give
him blood and bone–he is here
and he is not, and it is easy to
divine passion from spirits peddling
half truths and “somedays”
Yet what is it really
that they would have me sow?
What could be which takes root beneath
a spinning pendulum, hovering
over every which-way possibility?
Stars and spirits, it is all quantum.
Every “yes” and “now”
caught in the oscillation of a crystal point
every “when” and “still to come”
written in shadow over the page
The point must never touch, you see,
while orbiting so many Infinities
and a lover I could never fathom
cannot exist in this lonely plain.




May I request your stillness
on this soundful night
With death in the air or at least
in every of my exhales
my belly is a full moon
and I wish it to be new again
and in newness tumble shadows
along the walls of this fleshy lung
What is this strange motherhood
which gropes my insides
like a rotten fetus,
Be still, be still and quiet this current
Collapse this cavity into stagnance.

Blessed turns


I can’t remember the last time I felt my soul
One minute it was there, the next it was gone
Like falling asleep and waking up to find
that all at once your baby teeth have fallen out
and left raw gums kneading the air
in search of the bones
that once filled such a lonely cavern



she heard voices in her head
and whispers on her neck,
and no prayer could stop the moon
from waning into darkness

that was when they came out,
those shadows which stole away
beneath her feet
following following
silent footsteps watching her
through unseeing eyes

she told me, you know,
when the shadows disappeared
and whispers fell silent
“they’ve burrowed” she said,
into what I did not ask
but I saw the darkened ripples
sliding beneath her skin
into what?

now the night creeps into
the corners of my window
and the moon has been gone a lifetime
i think about her skin
which pulsed like a breathing chest
and wonder if the voices
if the voices
if the voices…

what was that?

I think I felt a whisper
on my neck…

An unfamiliar desire


I want to kiss you–drown
in gentle passion
against your lips,
your skin
Watch your eyes turn dark
as you begin to choke,
as you realize the poison of my spit
and my sweat
and my blood rushing
to the parts of me
you once thought you wanted has
infected you,
turned you cold
There I’ll hold you as you wrythe
under the featherweight air
suddenly unbearable
As your lungs retch for a love
that has gone dark