The author of Ryoness is a regular blogger and internet fanatic, one who often dedicates large portions of her valuable time to playing chicken with online shopping carts and watching Let’s Play videos on youtube.

As an avid fan of poetry and prose, she studied literature at university and uses a compilation of different disciplines and styles to play with her own writing. Not claiming any skill or consistency, she has been a self-proclaimed writer for many years and has posted her work on many of the various social platforms that have phased in and out in popularity (and usefulness) over the years from Myspace, to Facebook notes, to Tumblr.

“Hashtag, Throwback Thursday,” she says. “Remember when we all used to post stuff on Facebook Notes!”

Believing poetry to be an art designed for sharing, this blog has been created as a means for her to offer her words to whoever finds themselves clickbaiting their way through cyberspace and onto this page.

All works are open to feedback and suggestions for future projects.