under the ripening harvest moon
as it blooms, i see you
i see you in furtive waves
until la mare steals you away
stolen far, i follow flight
into dark, then darker night
in darkest night where winds have died
i listen close for whispers nigh
whispers chanting low your name
who might tell me where you’ve away
to caverns deep in endless black
somewhere more distant even than that
a place where i cannot pursue
for fear of losing myself too
a fear which burns my fragile soul
though it would see that I should go
but go I can’t for reasons fair
the whispers silenced everywhere
and in that silence lies your name
the only part that now remains
that in my hands cannot reside
i cannot hold that which has died
so i’ll hang your death then o’er the moon
and perhaps again see it bloom




fortunate as i was to see

the lines that contain you
blended into the barren space
between us
i could see the colors
but forfeited the letter that defined them


can we love an outline?
an essence?
if i were to pick up
the book of your life
would i be brought to Rapture
at the conclusion of its table
of contents

would my intoxication
after one shot
ignite my blood in the same way
a second, third, or fourth glass of wine
would lead me patiently
towards Bliss

my love
are out of focus
and, you, my love
are all i see



Lessons learned through tea leaves
and chances never taken, I am
in love with a specter who cannot
look me in the eye least it give
him blood and bone–he is here
and he is not, and it is easy to
divine passion from spirits peddling
half truths and “somedays”
Yet what is it really
that they would have me sow?
What could be which takes root beneath
a spinning pendulum, hovering
over every which-way possibility?
Stars and spirits, it is all quantum.
Every “yes” and “now”
caught in the oscillation of a crystal point
every “when” and “still to come”
written in shadow over the page
The point must never touch, you see,
while orbiting so many Infinities
and a lover I could never fathom
cannot exist in this lonely plain.




May I request your stillness
on this soundful night
With death in the air or at least
in every of my exhales
my belly is a full moon
and I wish it to be new again
and in newness tumble shadows
along the walls of this fleshy lung
What is this strange motherhood
which gropes my insides
like a rotten fetus,
Be still, be still and quiet this current
Collapse this cavity into stagnance.

Blessed turns


I can’t remember the last time I felt my soul
One minute it was there, the next it was gone
Like falling asleep and waking up to find
that all at once your baby teeth have fallen out
and left raw gums kneading the air
in search of the bones
that once filled such a lonely cavern



she heard voices in her head
and whispers on her neck,
and no prayer could stop the moon
from waning into darkness

that was when they came out,
those shadows which stole away
beneath her feet
following following
silent footsteps watching her
through unseeing eyes

she told me, you know,
when the shadows disappeared
and whispers fell silent
“they’ve burrowed” she said,
into what I did not ask
but I saw the darkened ripples
sliding beneath her skin
into what?

now the night creeps into
the corners of my window
and the moon has been gone a lifetime
i think about her skin
which pulsed like a breathing chest
and wonder if the voices
if the voices
if the voices…

what was that?

I think I felt a whisper
on my neck…

An unfamiliar desire


I want to kiss you–drown
in gentle passion
against your lips,
your skin
Watch your eyes turn dark
as you begin to choke,
as you realize the poison of my spit
and my sweat
and my blood rushing
to the parts of me
you once thought you wanted has
infected you,
turned you cold
There I’ll hold you as you wrythe
under the featherweight air
suddenly unbearable
As your lungs retch for a love
that has gone dark

Yes, You.

Upon a time, not Once but in a frenzy of soons and nevers, seated at the summit of my ever, I see into the tide pools of all the souls of your spirit.

As ages roam and wander the edges of sky, like waves battering the shores of All Land, you, and you, and you again are a thousand times lived but absolute in me.

I find you every time, in every essence of your life. Be you a grain of sand on a neverending shore or skin wrapped lover in my bed, I feel you, see you, know at every point where you wander in this universe returning us to totality.

I have lived all your lives. I know all you’ve known. I love all you are. From this life unto forever, I will find you in this great mystery of Everything.



Rock, mountain, canyon
immortal and unbroken
emulated o’er our graves
adorned is our adoration of forever

But I am not rock, nor mountain
nor canyon wide
my kin is the sea, the river, and rain
daughter, I am, of a tide renewed nightly

Do not set my image in stone
instead as I weary through the years
let pieces of me melt
through sand and earth until
I am unmade into the depths
of heaven

The Stargazer


And oh, how you hardly recognize your face

You are a Planet searching the stars for a reflection

The spirit of Sun eclipsed by blackness

That when you search the mirror

for some semblance of who you are

you cannot claim the Light from obscurity

Like the heart of a galaxy

it would seem you are spiraling towards

darkness absolute.


The Water Cycle


I was born a tide
my breath ebbs out to flow back in
but one day my breath will leave me
and it won’t come back again
When that sun sets in my body and
moon rises in its place
please leave me at the threshold
of my dear Maria’s face

Let seafoam be my shroud for as
my flesh melts into shore
I’ll need no mausoleum, no
gilded stature of my form
Let seagulls be the choir
of a thousand angels’ wings
as bit by bit I venture back
to my eternal sea

Where waves, by way of Charon, will
release me of my bone
the form which in life plagued me will
at last be of no more
A current named Millenia
will walk me through the deep
and stay with me a thousand years
though my eternal sleep

For storms rage in the shallows
where riptides pave a starlit path
while miles beneath they carry
all the currents rushing back
The pieces that remain of me will
ride these fitful streams
and merge with all the others
sharing Forever’s company

And when long forgotten parts of me
at last come back to shore
who knows what will have lingered from
what once was of my form
Sprawled upon the sand
the fractured carbon of my bone
and the sinews that have weathered
all the waves returning home

I’ll feel the salted earth
where once my skin last saw the day
And as another sun is set
help carry them away



Laughter falls towards me
from their mouths a million coils
that slide across the floor
nipping at my bare feet

The quiet places are fading
so quickly from view where
peripheral coos are closing in

so I will blend in
my sequin studded camouflage
an armor in the face of smiles
so cunning towards their prey

It is a party after all



We will find forever’s end
upon lips cold and blue
and open doors or wisdom
that cannot be walked through

We’ll find the time to rest
as the clock is striking twelve
and as we turn to dust
finally recognize ourselves



I drift…
my spirit, my mind, my body
on waves of endlessness

my arms are wings of submission
over a current that lifts me
as high as poise

If I falter, I sink
I must bear no clasped hands in prayer,
nor proud bend on my spine

Could I, I would fan each finger
each skinlette
each atom
until I were just a
over mirrored waters

But to be whole, I wade and
relinquish myself to drift.

She will carry me on
one droplette
in a Forever Sea

La mère


A boy kicked sand in my face
and the little girl doesn’t
notice the angry seagulls
lurking there in her shadow

The sand is crowded,
the water even more so,
while the ocean throws wave
after wave onto the shore

Little ripplettes for the
toddlers still learning to swim,
rip currents for the restless
at odds with the deep

It should be chaos,
overwhelming like the sea,
but all I can think of in
this moment is how in love
She must be to come back
to us again and again