Yes, You.

Upon a time, not Once but in a frenzy of soons and nevers, seated at the summit of my ever, I see into the tide pools of all the souls of your spirit.

As ages roam and wander the edges of sky, like waves battering the shores of All Land, you, and you, and you again are a thousand times lived but absolute in me.

I find you every time, in every essence of your life. Be you a grain of sand on a neverending shore or skin wrapped lover in my bed, I feel you, see you, know at every point where you wander in this universe returning us to totality.

I have lived all your lives. I know all you’ve known. I love all you are. From this life unto forever, I will find you in this great mystery of Everything.




Rock, mountain, canyon
immortal and unbroken
emulated o’er our graves
adorned is our adoration of forever

But I am not rock, nor mountain
nor canyon wide
my kin is the sea, the river, and rain
daughter, I am, of a tide renewed nightly

Do not set my image in stone
instead as I weary through the years
let pieces of me melt
through sand and earth until
I am unmade into the depths
of heaven

The Stargazer


And oh, how you hardly recognize your face

You are a Planet searching the stars for a reflection

The spirit of Sun eclipsed by blackness

That when you search the mirror

for some semblance of who you are

you cannot claim the Light from obscurity

Like the heart of a galaxy

it would seem you are spiraling towards

darkness absolute.


The Water Cycle


I was born a tide
my breath ebbs out to flow back in
but one day my breath will leave me
and it won’t come back again
When that sun sets in my body and
moon rises in its place
please leave me at the threshold
of my dear Maria’s face

Let seafoam be my shroud for as
my flesh melts into shore
I’ll need no mausoleum, no
gilded stature of my form
Let seagulls be the choir
of a thousand angels’ wings
as bit by bit I venture back
to my eternal sea

Where waves, by way of Charon, will
release me of my bone
the form which in life plagued me will
at last be of no more
A current named Millenia
will walk me through the deep
and stay with me a thousand years
though my eternal sleep

For storms rage in the shallows
where riptides pave a starlit path
while miles beneath they carry
all the currents rushing back
The pieces that remain of me will
ride these fitful streams
and merge with all the others
sharing Forever’s company

And when long forgotten parts of me
at last come back to shore
who knows what will have lingered from
what once was of my form
Sprawled upon the sand
the fractured carbon of my bone
and the sinews that have weathered
all the waves returning home

I’ll feel the salted earth
where once my skin last saw the day
And as another sun is set
help carry them away



Laughter falls towards me
from their mouths a million coils
that slide across the floor
nipping at my bare feet

The quiet places are fading
so quickly from view where
peripheral coos are closing in

so I will blend in
my sequin studded camouflage
an armor in the face of smiles
so cunning towards their prey

It is a party after all



We will find forever’s end
upon lips cold and blue
and open doors or wisdom
that cannot be walked through

We’ll find the time to rest
as the clock is striking twelve
and as we turn to dust
finally recognize ourselves



I drift…
my spirit, my mind, my body
on waves of endlessness

my arms are wings of submission
over a current that lifts me
as high as poise

If I falter, I sink
I must bear no clasped hands in prayer,
nor proud bend on my spine

Could I, I would fan each finger
each skinlette
each atom
until I were just a
over mirrored waters

But to be whole, I wade and
relinquish myself to drift.

She will carry me on
one droplette
in a Forever Sea

La mère


A boy kicked sand in my face
and the little girl doesn’t
notice the angry seagulls
lurking there in her shadow

The sand is crowded,
the water even more so,
while the ocean throws wave
after wave onto the shore

Little ripplettes for the
toddlers still learning to swim,
rip currents for the restless
at odds with the deep

It should be chaos,
overwhelming like the sea,
but all I can think of in
this moment is how in love
She must be to come back
to us again and again


pexels-photo-large copy 5

My mother is sea

whose mother is moon

who drinks from the sun

from whom I drink too



into rough waters I dive

down into blues so deep

and currents so cold

past the place where

waves echo and moon bends

until I reach the bottom

where footprints once

swept from the shore

rest in silence



I wonder if the sky will rise
knowing I’m no longer here
If somehow the spotlight night
will notice that I’ve disappeared

If my feet which so often trailed this land
should someday start to fade
would mornings come or mornings go
while all memories of me drift away

More the more, I think of you
and the heart you wear on your sleeve
your heart in my hand, the sun to the land,
if I left what would you think of me

Between the spotlight stars, the rising sky
between the rhythm of your skin
what kind of world would feel this vacancy
what kind of world do I live in?



both eyes open, both eyes closed
I am found in light, found in darkness
but in grey light
I am lost

eyes unopened, eyes unclosed,
I wink then fall apart
somewhere but not
here, there

I cannot run, cannot hide
the stink, the smell of
suffocation, the sensation
of Earth pouring over me, filling
so slowly, not fast enough

cover me, don’t
let me live, let me die
but lead not my breath to hesitate

both eyes open, both eyes closed
I breathe in, I breathe out
but never do both



Even Hell was barred
from the Human Divine,
the fire spurred after
damnation was revealed by
Heavenly Hands and brought
forth unto the feet of the Poet.

What lesson is worth
learning that is not first obscured?
that does not heal by burning
or blind with the light of Seraph
blades carving flesh into Divinity

Quantum Love


From when we came from nothing,
even still we felt the resonance of fire
quickening in the silence
adrift in the depths of what was then
known and unknown,
made, unmade,
the Original Union of that which Is
and that which Is Not, or maybe
never was at all
What we call Big Bang,
a singularity as Void and Eternity
became one in the thrill of ecstasy.
We are the lineage of Quantum Love,
our joinings not of instinct
but cosmically ordained in the
space between our pieces

The lonely place


You led me here where skies are
gone and winds blow faint and far,
where time has slowed between
two hearts and places far beyond

you match my step in rhythmic tide
my heartbeat in your hand,
such emptiness you’ve shown me
here near barren, quiet land.

Why do you pause to run your
hand into that lonely dust?
through greying earth where vacancies
replace the thrill of tempered lust

so you might stand among the
sorrows of this desolate refrain
and see the sins of all the ages
become the shadow of your pain

This quiet cold, it burns me:
I see your skin freeze under mine,
just let me follow further–
let me bring you back this time.

As far as you may wander, lead me
further through this waste;
unto a lonely summit
or the edge of time and space.

I’ll walk with you and sigh under
a fading melody,
I’ll gladly brave this emptiness
so I might fill you up again.