Going home

by PeriwinkleGeo


These heartstrings between us are fraying in the breeze
pulled tight against the distance when I left you here to leave
And now I’m too far gone to turn around here in the light
I’m going home,
going home

I guess It’s not for nothing that I hear you in the dark
your voice is on the wind, whispers calling to my heart,
though once I danced to songs of raging rivers in your eyes,
now I’m going home,
going home

You can try to bridge the distance but we cannot get off,
walk over troubled water but the river does not stop
and the crashing of the waves sounds like better company
so I’m going home,
going home

Love makes fools of men
until it comes around again

Once you were the anchor I held on tightly through the storm
but now the rain’s stopped falling and the seas are calm
The depths are far away and the sky burns endlessly
I’m going home
going home

Don’t cry for me I’m going home